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Megan Angelena O'Hara

Megan O'Hara is a freelance photographer based in the Playa Del Rey/Westchester area in Los Angeles, California. 

With the influence from her hometown and by growing up in the ever-so-famous Los Angeles, she has cultivated a unique sense of style all of her own.

Inspired by bright colors, patterns, flashy accessories, and all things vintage, her artwork is far from average.

Megan can almost effortlessly come up with a concept, plan, and set up for a shoot in no time.

Megan is skilled in Adobe Lightroom and can use it to retouch photos or create a work of her own. (see visual art module).

With Natural red hair and billions of freckles, Megan can definitely be the one to stand out in a crowd, not only with her looks, but also her sense of style. Her style ranges from grunge to punk to 90s girly through hand-picked vintage finds and sometimes pieces she's sewn together of her own.

Megan is currently attending Santa Monica City College and at the moment has not yet declared a major. She has taken classes on photography as well as Lightroom. 

Megan is very passionate about nature, which is also a big part of her artwork. She hopes to some day study botany and eventually open a flower shop of her own.

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